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Our team

Our team has amassed broad knowledge on fish biology and aquaculture through years of studies and experience in hatcheries all over Europe.

Jiri Bossuyt

JiriJiri founded Fish 2 Be in 2013 and serves as technical director of the company. With his years of expierience he is the specialist to rely on. First he worked in a seabream, seabass and octopus hatchery in Italy. Thereafter he spent 2,5 years as a hatchery manager in 2 different Irish Perch farms. Afterwards he went to the Czech Republic to perform a study on Perch and Pike perch. In Malta he worked with seabass and before he started his own company he has worked as a farm manager at AquaBio, a caviar production farm in Belgium. He is a seasoned aquaculture specialist, with a master degree in both Agricultural engineering (Kat. Univ. of Leuven) and Aquaculture (Univ. Ghent).

Given the experience and ongoing R&D, the team is well equipped to breed most fresh water fish. We aim to extend our practices to commercial rearing of other species in the future.