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Our team

Our team has amassed broad knowledge on fish biology and aquaculture through years of studies and experience in hatcheries all over Europe.

Jiri Bossuyt

JiriJiri founded Fish 2 Be in 2013 and serves as technical director of the company. With his years of expierience he is the specialist to rely on. First he worked in a seabream, seabass and octopuss hatchery in Italy. Thereafter he spent 2,5 years as a hatchery manager in 2 different Irish Perch farms. Afterwards he went to the Tsjech Republic to perform a study on Perch and Pike perch. In Malta he worked with seabass and before he started his own company he has worked as a farm manager at AquaBio, a caviar production farm in Belgium. He is a seasoned aquaculture specialist, with a master degree in both Agricultural engineering (Kat. Univ. of Leuven) and Aquaculture (Univ. Ghent).

Given the experience and ongoing R&D, the team is well equipped to breed most fresh water fish. We aim to extend our practices to commercial rearing of other species in the future.


About LRM

logo LRMThrough the Sustainable Societies investment platform of LRM, the regional investment company of Limburg, Fish 2 Be was given ample oxygen for growth. As shareholder, LRM is represented on the Fish 2 Be supervisory board.